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What are the maintenance points of hydraulic electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-23
During the maintenance of the hydraulic electric lithium pallet truck platform, we may encounter several common situations that require repair: such as the braking system, the gap between the wheels and the guide rail on the slide rail system needs to be kept clean and smooth to ensure the normal operation of the slide rail. Prevent jamming. Today's editor shares with us its protection points: 1. 1500 hours of operation and light repairs are required; 2. 5000 hours of operation and moderate repairs are required; 3. 10,000 hours of operation and large repairs are required. Of course, if the customer is not sure about the time when the electric lifting platform is running, we can also divide it into quarterly protection, and check the wear level of each mechanical and electrical system every quarter. Accessories can be provided by the manufacturer. 4. Check whether the chain and wire rope are loose or cracked. If the wire rope is severely worn, please replace it immediately; 5. Check the connection screw condition of each component, and tighten each screw; 6. Check whether the electrical system wiring is worn or not Replace; 7, often clean the dust on the electric lifting platform to prevent the dust from entering the electrical equipment and causing problems. The above several protection points are expected to be implemented by a wide range of customers, so that the safety of the hydraulic electric lithium pallet truck platform can be guaranteed when it is in use.
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