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What are the maintenance techniques for forklifts in hot weather?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-20
Do you really understand the knowledge of forklift maintenance in summer? According to the fire statistics of the national fire department, motor vehicle fire accidents occur every day. How to prevent forklifts from spontaneous combustion and how to maintain forklifts in high temperature weather is the key to prevention. Electric lithium pallet truck manufacturers remind you: 1. Do a good job in the daily inspection of forklifts. The daily inspection of forklifts is particularly important. It is also necessary to prevent electrical circuit failure or poor contact. This is one of the most important means to prevent lithium pallet truck fires. Daily inspection content: the connectors are well connected, the wiring harness or wire layer is not damaged, and the surface of the battery is clean. There must be no dust or oil on the surface of the wiring harness and electrical components. Warm reminder: ①If you find that the fuse in each circuit is broken, you need to replace the fuse of the same specification. ②The fusible wire on the motor vehicle is the total insurance of the lithium pallet truck circuit, and it must not be replaced by a wire or copper wire. 2. Maintenance of the engine surface Daily inspection content: there must be no oil stains or flammable dust on the engine surface. 3. Attention and inspection items when driving. When driving, do not pour gasoline into the carburetor port when the engine is running; do not use gasoline to burn the oil filter core when maintaining the gasoline filter. Daily inspection content: the high-voltage sub-line is not damaged, and there is no oil on the surface of the high-voltage sub-line. There is no oil leakage or oil leakage in the fuel system. ①Avoid drips in the oil system; ②Avoid turning on the ignition switch for a long time after the forklift is stopped. Note: There must be no oil stains on the surface of the fuel tank and the working fuel tank. 4. Do not modify the circuit privately. If you must modify the circuit or add other attachments and equipment, professional technicians should conduct the professional modification. At the same time, the wiring must be packaged to prevent leakage and short-circuit. If the line fuse is blown, you need to replace a fuse with a matching specification. If you replace a high-current fuse without authorization, it will cause line overload. Note: When refitting the circuit or adding equipment, the line source must be packaged to prevent leakage. 5. Choose a safe place to park ① Pay attention to when parking, and never park the car near flammable materials. ②Do not park under strong sunlight. 6. Prevent “ignition and self-immolation” Do not throw unextinguished cigarette butts in the car, and it is best not to smoke in the car. 7. Do not allow the engine to work due to overheating ① Check whether the coolant level of the engine is normal before the motor vehicle works. ② During the working process of a motor vehicle, it is necessary to frequently observe whether the scale of the water temperature gauge on the instrument panel reaches the warning position. If the water temperature gauge has shown overheating, let the engine idle for a few minutes, let the scale of the water temperature gauge return, and then stop and rest. ③In summer, when motor vehicles are driving under high temperature for a long time, they should take more rest halfway. When the engine water temperature is overheated in the working motor vehicle, if it is stopped immediately, the engine cooling fan will immediately stop working, and the cooling system will stop working, which will cause the surface temperature of the engine body to rise rapidly. 8. Maintenance of exhaust system ①There should be no flammable materials such as dust and oil on the surface of the exhaust pipe. ②There must be no damage to the surface of the exhaust pipe. 9. Maintenance of vehicle starting ① The starter is designed in accordance with the high-current, short-time work system. When the engine is started, the starter should not work for more than 5 seconds each time. If a start is unsuccessful, the starter must be restarted after an interval of 60 seconds. ②When starting the engine at low temperature, warm up the engine first. ③In order to reduce the working time of the starter, the battery should be fully charged as much as possible. ④ After the engine is started, release the key immediately; when the engine is working normally, do not turn the start switch to the 'start' position. ⑤When starting, you should step on the clutch pedal or put in neutral gear. It is strictly forbidden to start in gear. Warm reminder: If the start is unsuccessful for 3 times, the reason must be found out, the circuit or engine needs to be checked, and then start after troubleshooting, the gap time should be more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, if you continue to forcibly start, it will cause the wire to overheat, and may even cause potential accidents.
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