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What are the maintenance techniques for the hydraulic system of the fixed lifting platform?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-04
The fixed lithium pallet truck platform is a kind of goods lifting equipment with good lifting stability and a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for conveying goods between the height difference of the production line, and material on-line and off-line. So, what problems should be paid attention to to maintain its hydraulic system? First of all: Adhere to the clean and clean hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system is the life of the hydraulic system of the fixed lifting platform. There are many parts in the hydraulic system, some have damping holes, some have gaps, etc. If solid impurities invade, it will cause sprains, hairpins, oil passages, etc., and endanger the operation of the hydraulic system. Common ways for solid impurities to invade the hydraulic system include: dirty hydraulic oil, dirty refueling stuff, refueling and maintenance, careless maintenance, and desquamation of hydraulic components. The system to prevent the invasion of solid impurities can be considered from the following aspects: 1. When refueling, the hydraulic oil is filtered and refilled, and the refueling tools should be firmly and clean. It is not possible to remove the filter at the fuel tank filler opening in order to increase the fueling speed. Fueling personnel should use clean gloves and work clothes to prevent solid impurities and fiber impurities from falling into the oil. 2. Disassemble the hydraulic oil tank filler cap, filter cap, inspection hole, hydraulic oil pipe and other parts during maintenance, and avoid dust when the oil passage of the system is exposed. The disassembled parts must be completely cleaned before opening. For example, when disassembling the filler cap of the hydraulic fuel tank, first remove the dirt around the fuel tank cap. After loosening the fuel tank cap, the debris remaining at the joint (cannot be washed with water to prevent water from entering the fuel tank), open the fuel tank cap only after admitting cleaning. If you need to use scrubbing materials and hammers, you should choose scrubbing materials that do not remove fiber impurities and a special hammer with rubber attached to the striking surface. The hydraulic components and hydraulic hoses should be carefully cleaned, dried with high-pressure air and assembled. Use a filter element with an intact packaging (the inner packaging is damaged, although the filter element is intact, it may not be clean). Clean the filter together when changing the oil. Use scrubbing materials to carefully clean the bottom dirt in the filter housing before installing the filter element. Second: do a good job of cleaning the hydraulic system. The cleaning oil uses the same brand of hydraulic oil as the system used. The oil temperature is between 45 and 80°C. Use a large flow to remove impurities in the system as much as possible. The hydraulic system should be cleaned more than three times. After each cleaning, let it out of the system while the oil is hot. After cleaning, clean the filter, replace the filter element, and add new oil. Finally: the fixed lifting platform must be cleaned and maintained regularly for the hydraulic system, and should not be negligent, otherwise it will affect the normal service life and work efficiency of the lifting channel.
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