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What are the measures to prevent electric forklift circuit wiring harness from burning? Come and see!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-26
, as the name implies, is a forklift with a battery as the core controller! In addition, in order to give electric forklifts more functions, and to achieve these functions, more wiring harnesses are often needed to control. Then, once the electric forklift works for a long time or predicts high temperature weather, you must know the measures to prevent the electric forklift circuit harness from burning! Let me tell you: 1. It is often found that the wiring on some electric forklifts is messy during use, and there are more excess wires and exposed wire ends. The phenomenon of random connection of wires is also common. As a result, the whole truck line is chaotic, which often causes man-made circuit faults, which are difficult to find. In severe cases, a grounding short circuit will occur, which will burn electrical equipment and wiring harnesses, causing fire accidents, and directly affecting the safe operation of the forklift. 2. When repairing the wiring harness of the forklift circuit, the repair specifications must be followed, and the standard wiring laid out in accordance with the wire color, code and number of the forklift low-voltage line must not be connected to the power cord when the fault is not resolved, or when a certain line segment is damaged. , Regardless of the color, regardless of thickness, change the line at will, which will artificially cause the whole vehicle's circuit wiring harness to be confused and the consequences of increased failure. Before replacing the fuse, you should turn off all electrical equipment and ignition switches, and replace them according to regulations. 3. If the replaced fuse is blown again, it means there is a short circuit in the system, and it should be carefully checked and the fault removed before replacement. For forklifts with a main power switch, turn off the main power switch after stopping and turning off the fire. Regularly check, maintain and adjust the main line fuse, and replace with new parts if necessary. circuit failures are mostly hidden and caused by wires. Common circuit burns are mostly caused by forklift power lines short-circuited and grounded, and their power lines do not use short-circuit overload protection devices. Have you got the measures for prepaid forklift circuit wiring harness burnt?
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