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What are the measures to prevent oil leakage in electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-21
A. Pay attention to the effect of gaskets. For the stationary parts of the lithium pallet truck (such as the joint end faces, each end cover, shell, cover gasket, flat flange cover, etc.), various gaskets are installed to seal effect. Although the cushion is small, the effect is great. If the materials, dimensions, manufacturing quality and device methods do not meet the technical standards, the sealing effect will not be achieved, and accidents will occur. Such as oil pan or valve cover, because of the large touch area, it is not easy to compact, and it is easy to cause oil leakage. Oil leaks at the rear oil seal of the crankshaft and enters the clutch, which wastes oil and causes the clutch disc to be stained, slipped and burned. Therefore, when disassembling and assembling the gasket, you should probably place it properly, check its quality carefully, and follow the standard device. B. Tighten the nuts according to the repair standard. All kinds of fastening nuts on the forklift (such as cylinder head nuts, gear cover and valve cover nuts) must be evenly tightened according to the regular torque. Too loose will not compress the gasket tightly and cause oil leakage; too tight will cause the metal around the screw hole to bulge or the threaded thread will slip and cause oil leakage. In addition, if the oil drain plug of the oil pan (tank shell) is not tightened or loosened and dropped, it will simply cause a lot of oil loss, and then cause 'burning bushes and holding shafts' machine damage. C. Replace the failed oil seal. Many moving parts of the forklift have oil seals, O-rings, etc. These parts will be misaligned due to improper installation, and the journal and the oil seal edge will be different. It is very simple to throw oil due to deflection. After long-term use, some will lose elasticity due to the aging of the rubber; some will lose the oil sealing effect due to the damage of the lip or the failure of the self-tightening spring. Therefore, it is found that the rubber seal is leaking, and the qualified parts should be corrected or replaced according to the standard. D. Replace the severely worn parts in time. After the forklift parts are used for a certain life span, they will experience excessive wear. For example, the cylinder liner piston connecting rod assembly, piston ring, piston and cylinder liner wear to a certain degree, which will cause high-pressure gas in the incineration room. Flee into the crankcase. E. Repair and replace the main bearing in time. When the cooperation gap between the main bearing and the journal is too large, the front and rear oil seals will lose their sealability due to the impact of the crankshaft, causing oil to leak from the crankshaft head, or leaking into the clutch, and then contaminate the friction plate. As a result, it slipped and the operation failed. F. Prevent the one-way valve and vent valve from being blocked. Blockage of such valve holes will easily cause the temperature in the tank to rise, and the oil and gas will fill the entire space and cannot be discharged, which will increase the pressure in the tank, which will increase the smooth fuel consumption. And the replacement cycle is shortened. After the engine ventilation system is blocked, the movement resistance of the piston is added to increase the fuel consumption. Because of the effect of the pressure difference between the surface and the inside of the case, it often causes oil leakage at the thin seal. Therefore, it is necessary to check, unblock, and clean the vehicle regularly to maintain the unblocking of the one-way valve and the vent valve. G. Properly handle all kinds of oil pipe joints. The sealing connecting pipe nuts are often disassembled and assembled. They are simply loosened due to the breaking of the sliding wire, which makes the accuracy of the bell mouths of the two joints worse. The center lines of the cones do not overlap and the touch is not good. The same but not consistent, etc., resulting in oil leakage. To replace the connecting pipe nut, after grinding the connecting pipe joint and the bell mouth or clamping the thin copper skin on the two cone surfaces, tighten and compact the nut to ensure the seal. H. Prevent the wheel hub from throwing oil. When the wheel is repaired and protected, too much smooth grease in the wheel hub bearing and cavity, or improper wheel hub oil seal device, poor quality, aging failure, and frequent braking caused by high temperature of the wheel hub, loose axle nut, etc. The wheel hub is throwing oil. Therefore, the “cavity smooth method” (appropriate smoothness) should be selected for vehicle protection, the ventilation holes should be cleared, the brakes should be used reasonably, high-quality accessories should be selected strictly, and the installation and adjustment should be carried out according to technical standards to prevent the wheel hub from throwing oil.
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