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What are the methods for the correct operation of the electric forklift trucks stipulated by the electric warehouse forklift manufacturers?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-28
With the development of economy, electric storage forklifts have gradually replaced traditional manual handling. What are the requirements for operating forklifts? This is what the manufacturers of electric storage forklifts remind the driver of. Drivers should wear work clothes strictly in accordance with the regulations before working, and it is strictly forbidden to expose their arms and feet. It is forbidden to wear high heels and sandals for work, and the following inspections must be done on the electric storage lithium pallet truck: First: Check the height and specific gravity of the battery electrolyte. The page of the battery must not be lower than the separator, and the specific gravity of the electrolyte must meet the requirements; the battery cell voltage must not be less than the specified voltage, and the specific gravity of the electrolyte must not be less than the specified specific gravity. The electric storage forklift control system has the function of protecting the battery life: when the power display on the meter shows undervoltage protection, it must be charged in time, and the electric storage forklift manufacturer requires that each electrode connector should be clean and fastened; Second: check the power supply line, The wire connectors should be connected tightly and in good contact. The fuse and fuse should be played well, and the switches and handles should be in the stop position. Electric storage lithium pallet truck manufacturers stipulate that before driving, the driver should first check and clean the site and passage to make it suitable for forklift operations; driving must be carried out in strict accordance with the correct driving sequence; when driving, it should be gradually accelerated, and long-term low speeds are not allowed When driving and giving way. The truck should be empty and give way to the heavy truck; the manufacturer of the electric storage forklift truck requires that it is strictly forbidden to turn the direction switch, and the direction switch can only be turned to change the direction after the vehicle is stopped. Avoid emergency braking as much as possible. If you encounter an emergency, the express should turn off the emergency stop switch and electric lock, step on the brake pedal, and stop immediately; start, turn, honk, turn, downhill, uneven road or pass narrow roads At times, slow down and pay attention to safety.
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