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What are the misunderstandings in the maintenance of hydraulic lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-24
After we have used the hydraulic lifting platform for a period of time, we all need to smooth it. According to the investigation, we found that there are certain misunderstandings about the smoothness of the equipment and the replacement of the sealing ring in our actual situation. 1. Add more lubrication. In most of us, we think that adding more lubricating oil will not damage the equipment. In fact, this is not entirely the case. The structure and application of the mechanical working parts determine the amount of oil added, usually in the equipment. There are clear regulations and requirements in the operating instructions. We need to make up for it in an appropriate amount according to the operating instructions, the oil level of the equipment or the oil dipstick and the window, and excessive filling of lubricating oil is harmful to the machine. 2. After adding lubricating oil, it dries quickly. Strictly speaking, this is a misunderstanding in conceptual understanding, as long as the fuel is directly involved in the work. Adding lubricating oil generally refers to adding lubricating oil between the conflicting pairs that move with each other, filling the bumps with it, and maintaining a smooth oil film with a certain thickness, to reach the two touching surfaces that separate the conflicting pairs, and reduce the conflict. Resistance, the intention to reduce wear, together with the cooling mechanism and sealing effect. These effects of hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform refueling are indirectly supporting fuel work. 3. The type of sealing ring is good, and it can be used directly. When replacing the sealing ring, the open part of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic lifting platform should be strictly cleaned, and beware of impurities and dirty oil in the system. When installing, it is best to use special items to prevent sharp metal edges or even fingernails from scratching it. Never allow the sealing ring to directly cover the threaded part of the component. In special cases, you should restrain your own simple device or use a plastic film to wrap the threaded part, and apply clean hydraulic oil of the same type on the thing or the outside of the film. The argument of 'just fit it' is essentially unacceptable. 4. The oil is dirty and dumped. In addition to the hydraulic oil that has been rancid, there are more hydraulic oils and smooth oils that can still be used. Only hydraulic oil mixed with metal particles can be used from scratch after being deposited and filtered. The more polluted oil can be used for rough processing equipment smoothing and outdoor equipment rust prevention after simple treatment, or the waste oil can be collected and turned over for waste oil recycling, which can save energy and reduce waste. But 'one fall' has polluted the environment and violated the norms of sustainable development despite the effortless effort.
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