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What are the particularities of aerial work platforms?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-07
As we all know, the aerial platform stacker is a kind of mechanical equipment that can perform aerial work, equipment and maintenance services for various operations. The universal aerial work vehicle only has the function of working at height, the vehicle looks very simple, and most users need additional auxiliary functions, including boom lifting, small channel cranes, manned, goods, etc., and safety equipment. Y device is finished. Aerial work platforms, especially those working at high altitudes, attach great importance to their safety. The equipment will be equipped with various safety equipment. These devices include a leg pressure control system, which ensures that the support of each leg reaches a safe value, and then can be operated, the leg condition and the movement of the car, the limit orientation of the operating arm, and the overload interlock. D protects the operating channel. As a kind of construction machinery, aerial work platforms have the characteristics of high safety, high efficiency, and strong environmental habits. Its particularity lies in the following three points: First, the 'non-structural' environment of the construction site, that is, the work environment is unpredictable and changeable, so the environmental requirements are 'highly accustomed.' Second, manned high-altitude operations have higher operational safety requirements than general engineering vehicles, which is the so-called 'high safety'; third, high-altitude operation platforms are often used for maintenance operations, mainly outdoor or field operations, in harsh operating environments Therefore, high efficiency is required. The characteristics of urban construction vehicles are mainly gathered in our cities and towns. Its operating environment is better than general transportation vehicles and construction machinery. It is mainly used for back-end protection and daily protection of infrastructure, with a high expected service life. Therefore, it is different from the requirements of general engineering vehicles: multi-function, beautiful appearance, and paint color not only have the stability of engineering vehicles, but also have the vitality of cars, and should be maintained for a long time. In this way, aerial work platforms will be more and more widely used in the future.
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