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What are the particulars about parking the manual forklift after the work is completed?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-14
1. After the operation is completed, the hand pallet truck should be parked in a place where there is no obstacle to traffic;   2, try to avoid parking in the open;   3, the driver should remove the key on the electric lock when leaving the hand pallet truck, cut off the power supply, and set the control handles to zero Position;   4, the forklift is lowered to the lowest point, the mast is tilted forward;   5, when the forklift must be stopped on a ramp, the forklift must be braked by the hand brake mechanism and the wheels must be added to prevent it from slipping away.
Manual Hydraulic Forklift What is the reason for the automatic sliding of the forklift after lifting?
Container forklifts are usually divided into forklifts for heavy containers and forklifts for stacking empty containers. Container forklifts are commonly used special machinery in container terminals. According to the location of forks, they can be divided into front container electric forklifts and side container forklifts. . Reasons for the automatic sliding of manual hydraulic forklift forks after lifting (1) The manual forklift piston cup is aging or damaged (2) The clearance between the manual forklift lifting cylinder and the piston is too large (3) The manual forklift hydraulic distributor lifting valve barrel and The clearance between the lifting valve stems is too large (4) The pipeline or joint of the manual forklift is leaking oil
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