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What are the precautions for electric forklifts during driving?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-17
When driving in some enterprises, you must abide by the driving rules and consciously limit the speed. Generally select the speed per hour according to the following conditions: straight, hard, dry, and clean roads, no piles, no forks, no parked vehicles on the side of the road, and the speed when the line of sight is good ≤ 10km/h; in general, when the road or corners are in the warehouse The road is wider and longer. The line of sight is good, the speed at no pedestrians is ≤5km/h; the passage is narrow, the pedestrians and vehicles are mixed, the line of sight is poor, and the speed at intersections, loading and unloading operations and when reversing is ≤3km/h.  Electric forklifts are strictly prohibited from manned driving, and it is strictly forbidden to turn off and slide, off-gear slide, or step on the clutch to slide. Downhill and uphill should be shifted to lower gears in advance, and no towing gears should be allowed uphill; do not drive, turn, or carry out loading and unloading operations on the slope sideways.   In the process of driving an electric pallet truck, you must concentrate, drive carefully, and maintain a safe speed. Always pay attention to the dynamics of pedestrians and vehicles, maintain a horizontal and vertical safety distance from other vehicles or pedestrians, and lift pedestrians or vehicles across the road suddenly.   When driving at night, especially when rendezvous, the electric pallet truck driver should slow down. When driving on rainy days, on steel plates or on oily roads, slow down in advance and drive at a steady speed, and no emergency braking or slamming directions are allowed. When passing narrow or low places, pass cautiously. If necessary, a person should be instructed to pass blindly or even forcibly.
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