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What are the precautions for replacing the hydraulic oil of an electric forklift?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-10
People often choose to clean the hydraulic oil and oil seals of electric forklifts. Here we want to remind some things that need to be paid attention to when replacing them.  First of all, the electric pallet truck will take you to understand the cleaning of the electric forklift cleaning area. Store the hydraulic oil in the cleaning part. It is necessary to be careful when adding and changing the hydraulic oil of the electric forklift, because this method of application will not reduce the tensile strength of the main rope, and because the U-shaped ring causes the rope end to bend, if loose and slip The rope end will not slip out of the U-shaped ring. Only the rope clamp and the main rope will slide, which is conducive to the safety of operation. Second, the rope clamp clamped on the steel wire rope will occasionally slip unintentionally. To ensure safety, it should be added. Install a safety rope clip.   In addition, it is insisted that the area around the filter box cover should be cleaned when the system is cleaned to fill the tank or refill the oil from the beginning. The use of the steering system SCR and MOS tube of the electric forklift makes it possible to regenerate the braking energy of the battery forklift. Only use a cleaning funnel equipped with a fine mesh filter to pour oil from the container into the oil tank of the transfer vehicle. The forklifts on the market today have basically completed power steering. Check the use of things.  Secondly, let's talk about the lifting method in the revocation furnace should be carried out in the opposite process of assembly. However, these additives lose their effectiveness after a period of time. Hand brake is used for parking, and foot brake is used for driving. The hydraulic steering of an electric pallet truck is usually the steering motor is constantly working at full load during the forklift operation process, which causes unnecessary energy waste and wear of the motor and hydraulic pressure.   Another thing to note is that after the hydraulic oil is cleaned and installed, it must be debugged and dynamic load tested as required. It can be used only after passing the inspection. Communicate hydraulic oil and oil seals on time. The hydraulic oil used by the electric forklift should be the type recommended by the equipment manufacturer. Yufeng reminds you: The electric forklift can be replaced with No. 46 hydraulic oil, which is applicable to all forklifts.   Therefore, when replacing hydraulic oil and oil seals of electric forklifts, we must pay attention to some things to ensure safe operation.
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