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What are the problems in the use of electric lifting platforms?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-12
The electric lithium pallet truck platform is a kind of high-altitude operation equipment with a wide range of uses, which has a high degree of stability and high operation efficiency. In the ordinary operation of the electric lithium pallet truck platform, if it is not well taken care of, it may show problems in the irregular operation. Here is a careful summary of what problems will be encountered in the use of the lifting channel? 1. The oil cylinder of the electric lifting platform is severely worn, and the inner closing ring is unevenly damaged. Perhaps there are obstacles inside, which will simply cause uneven force, resulting in uneven height of the oil cylinder. It is recommended to carefully check whether the oil cylinder is normal. 2. There are foreign objects in the oil delivery pipe of the electric lithium pallet truck platform, which will cause uneven force of the hydraulic oil to be transported, which will cause unevenness on the table surface. It is recommended to carefully check whether the oil delivery pipe is dredged. 3. The inconsistent dimensions of the electric lifting platform support rods are attributed to the quality defects of the lifting channel equipment itself. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for replacement. The probability of this situation is low. 4. The central axis of the support rod of the electric lifting platform is inconsistent, causing the lifting channel to fail to operate normally. The channel is severely damaged and the table is skewed. Please carefully check the general scissor aerial work channel before it leaves the factory without a strict skew detection. There have been many accidents in shopping malls. Regarding skew detection, large small companies don't mind the detection of this link very much. This is why there are such a large number of lifting equipment that have this problem. The problems of oil cylinders and power unit systems are often the lack of power and the unqualified quality of the oil cylinders. It is also an issue that requires attention for the enterprise itself.
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