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What are the reasons for the pollution of the hydraulic system of the aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-29
Because of the rapid economic development, the transfer of goods based on labor has gradually been screened by commercial establishments. Compared with manpower, machinery has become easier and less labor-saving. Under the demand of shopping malls, mechanical loading and unloading channels have become the choice of many companies, which also makes my country's freight elevators are showing an upsurge. Judging from the current development trend, self-propelled aerial work platforms are gradually developing towards professionalism and large-scale development with an unstoppable trend. The types of special cargo elevators on the market are constantly innovating. The products meet the needs of different customers with their unique functions, and are loved by the majority of users. As the shopping mall expands from time to time, the demand for freight elevators that meet the needs of various operations have been developed and put into use from time to time, and subsequently developed equipment that can satisfy a variety of operating environments. There are various pollutants in the hydraulic oil of the self-propelled aerial work platform system, among which the most important solid particles, in addition to water, air, and harmful chemical substances. The primary cause of pollution is because the external cause formed by both external and internal aspects refers to the solid water. The internal reasons for other oils and air entering the system refer to the wear of moving parts and changes in the physical and chemical properties of the hydraulic oil in addition to the pollution caused by the original new oil. During the process of new oil from refining, packaging and transportation to storage, the paint and coating of the container, the rubber of the oil injection hose, and the dust in the atmosphere can all enter the oil. The hydraulic oil is not transported or stored in the application department. Properly, the oil will be contaminated in the container. If the oil is transported in an unsealed condition or the oil is stored in an unclean container, the system will be polluted if the oil is not cleaned when filling it. The protruding end of the piston rod of the self-propelled aerial platform stacker is one of the primary ways for pollutants to enter. Although the end of the piston rod is generally equipped with a dust-proof seal to prevent the intrusion of pollutants, the piston rod is already moving, so everything No matter what kind of dust seal is, it is impossible to block the intrusion of fine impurities into the system; and if the dust on the protruding end of the piston rod is not cleaned up every time before the system is operated, a single impurity may appear to seal the dust. Parts are damaged, and a large amount of impurities invade the system. When repairing, do not bandage or block the cover according to the rules after disassembly. The equipment is not cleaned according to the rules, and the open air operation in windy, sandy, rainy and snowy weather will cause pollutants to enter the system. The repair of the self-propelled aerial platform stacker system ensures that the equipment is easily contaminated due to improper protection and storage. The system is not cleaned before use, inspected and connected to the system, and the system is contaminated after use.
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