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What are the reasons for the problems with the steering system of the electric forklift?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-15
First, the steering gear leaks oil. The reasons for the failure of the electric pallet truck are: 1. The joint surfaces of the steering gear (valve body, spacer, stator, rotor) leak oil. The solution is to replace the sealing ring, clean the steering gear, and join Or better firm bolts; 2. The journal or overflow valve sealing ring is damaged. This solution is relatively simple, which is to better the sealing ring at the journal and the overflow valve; 3. The gasket at the limit bolt is not flat, The way to deal with this situation is to flatten the washer or better. Second, the steering fails, and the reasons for the analysis are: 1. The steering gear spring sheet is broken or the steering gear pin is broken or deformed, or the coupling opening may be broken or deformed. The solution is to better the spring sheet, pin shaft, and coupling. Shaft; 2. The safety valve fails, the solution is to clean the safety valve and replace the spring; 3. The steering cylinder leaks too much, the solution is to replace the seal or cylinder.
What are the reasons for the loud noise during the operation of electric forklifts
In the use of electric forklifts, we may find such a question. When the electric forklifts are working, they will make extraordinarily loud noises. What is the cause of this result? Let’s take a look at the analysis of the reasons for the excessive noise of the electric forklifts. :  1. The fasteners are loose, and the guide wheels and rollers of the car body are severely worn and have a large gap.  2. The gap between the chain and the chain pin is too large, or the gap between the upper and lower nails of the fork and the cross beam of the fork is too large.  3. Check whether the rolling gap between the guide wheel, the roller and the mast is too large. Whether the cooperation gap between the fork and the cross beam of the fork is too large, these factors will cause the forklift to make a lot of noise during use.   There are many reasons for the poor noise of forklifts. Operators should drive the forklifts into the parking lot facilities to conduct special investigations to find out the reasons, so as to solve the problem of high noise of electric forklifts from the source.
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