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What are the reasons for the sinking of the cargo platform of the elevator freight elevator?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-11
What are the details that customers need to pay attention to when purchasing a freight elevator? How does the load on the lithium pallet truck platform drop easily? 1. If the oil pipe check valve is leaking, you should carefully check whether the check valve of the electric pallet lift truck freight elevator is normal. If it is abnormal, it is recommended to replace it with a new one. One-way valve. 2. The table is overloaded. Check whether the goods on the lift freight elevator are overloaded. Overloading will cause the table to drop, which is easier to overlook. 3. Leakage inside the cylinder, poor sealing of the oil cylinder, leakage inside the cylinder, replace the sealing ring and other accessories. 4. The tightness of the tubing is not good. When leakage occurs, the pressure will drop and the table will fall. It is recommended to carefully check whether the tubing is intact. 5. Whether the lowering valve is damaged, check carefully whether the valve can be sealed tightly. Keep the lowering valve clean every day. If it is damaged, replace them with new hydraulic valves. 6. The quality of the electric pallet lift truck freight elevator needs to be reminded to customers not only to look at the price of the electric pallet lift truck freight elevator, but to look at the quality and reputation, and choose a manufacturer with complete qualifications. Refining this article also likes the development direction of elevators.
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