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What are the reasons that the forklift engine is weak? Please pay attention to these 12 points

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-30
The forklift has been driving for a long time, and the engine is weak and the engine is weak Not to mention affecting the work, it is still very troublesome to repair! Electric forklift manufacturers come to talk about: What are the reasons that cause lithium pallet truck engine weakness? 1. Insufficient oil supply in the low-pressure oil circuit, blockage of the fuel tank vent, blockage of the oil pipe, loose joints and loose gasket seals. Solution: Find out the fault and unblock the oil circuit, replace it 2. Air filter is clogged and air intake is not smooth, processing method, replace or clean the filter 3. Diesel filter is blocked, processing method: replace 4. Fuel pump Insufficient fuel supply, treatment method: repair or replace 5. There is air or moisture in the fuel system, treatment method: remove the air or moisture

6, the fuel injection time is too early or too late, the treatment method: adjust

7 , Exhaust pipe or muffler is blocked and exhaust is not smooth, treatment method: clean 8. Insufficient fuel injection of fuel injection pump, treatment method: oil calibration pump 9. Individual injector is poorly atomized, treatment method: find out where the cylinder is Replace or repair the injector 10, the engine temperature is too high, check the cooling system to find out the fault and eliminate it 11. Improper adjustment of the throttle cable, adjust! 12. Mechanical factors cause the cylinder pressure to be too low. The mechanical factors include: the valve of the valve mechanism is not closed tightly and the piston, piston ring, cylinder liner is seriously worn, etc., adjust the valve clearance, re-grind the valve or replace the piston, piston ring and lining, grinding the cylinder liner, etc. Do you understand all of the above methods? When the forklift engine is weak, you can try the above solutions!
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