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What are the safety devices of aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-08
The aerial platform stacker is an efficient aerial work equipment. The operation channel on the equipment can be raised to the designated height in the air for maintenance, cleaning and other high-altitude occasions for operators to work. Then we have to ask whether such high-altitude operation equipment is very dangerous. For example, what kind of safety maintenance equipment does the workbench operator of a 40-meter high-altitude operation channel have? The first is seat belts. We all know that cars have seat belts, and seat belts on aerial work platforms are also a must-have item. Usually it is equipped with two safety belts. Related safety equipment of the working arm: When the working arm is operated, the induction-type automatic getting on and off interlocking locks the outriggers to prevent accidents. When the working arm reaches the limit position, the automatic alarm system opens and stops the operation, and the working arm is limited to prevent accidents. The bucket arm is also equipped with anti-collision equipment, which can effectively prevent the collision between the working arm and the working bucket due to excessive movement when the working arm is retracted, which effectively improves the service life of the product and the safety of the operator on the working platform. The cylinder retraction equipment is also the equipment for the automatic falling of the working arm and the working bucket to ensure smooth movements; after all, in case of danger comes, the emergency stop equipment that stops all movements with one button is also our one-step safety guarantee.
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