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What are the specifications for the use of scissor aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-29
Specifications for the use of scissor aerial work platforms:    1. Operators must participate in fall protection and electric pallet lift truck truck application training before they can start operating the equipment.   2. There should be a label on the body of the scissor aerial platform stacker, indicating the following: the lifting speed limit of the elevator, the rated load capacity, the maximum lifting height, the name of the manufacturer, and the date of production, etc.  3. The installed operating platform shall be inspected by the on-site safety engineer before being used and be put into use only after it has been approved for use.  4. It is necessary for the platform operators to check and fill in the checklist before using it every day.   5. The user must operate and use in accordance with the operating rules of the electric pallet lift truck truck.  6. u200bu200bThe working area of u200bu200bthe scissor-type aerial platform stacker must be on the open and flat ground, and it is not allowed to operate on the uneven ground.  7. The platform outriggers must be completely opened and supported firmly.   8. When the platform is in the up position, the operator cannot leave.  9. During the lifting process, fasten the safety belt to the platform, the basket or the fastening point made by the manufacturer. When the scissor-type aerial platform stacker is raised to the working height, the safety belt is no longer tied to the platform, and should be tied to a secure hanging point of other structures. If there is no secure hanging point, a wire rope should be used to hang on the steel beam. Or on the concrete beam, and fasten the seat belt to the wire rope loop.  10. The operating area of u200bu200bthe platform must be protected with warning tapes, warning signs, and full-time guardians
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