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What are the types of non-standard mobile electric lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-02
Human needs advance, economic needs develop, and industry also needs reform to advance. With the development of science, people hope to bring convenience to life through scientific and technological strength. For example, the emergence of elevators has brought people a lot of convenience. Let's take a look at the introduction of the relevant materials of the non-standard mobile electric lifting platform. 1. The appearance is light and beautiful. Non-standard mobile aluminum alloy lifting channels: a new generation of newly planned products, using new aluminum alloy profiles. Due to the high strength of the profiles, the deflection and swing of the lithium pallet truck platform are extremely small. Its light appearance can give full play to the highest lifting ability in a very small space. Make single-person high-altitude operations easily accessible and able to move for operations. Fixed aluminum alloy lifting channels: Can not be moved, only fixed for operation. 2. Convenient and fast. Non-standard trajectory electric lifting platform: the trajectory movable lifting channel adopts a scissor type lifting structure, the trajectory can be a circular steel pipe or a railway trajectory, and can be equipped with an active steering function according to user needs. The trajectory movable lifting channel can be based on The user requires that the operator can control walking and lifting on the lifting channel workbench when the lifting channel is raised, which is very convenient. Its characteristic is that it can ensure that the lifting channel walks along the preset trajectory, and the walking direction control accuracy is very high, which is difficult for ordinary mobile lifting platforms. Three, the operation is simple. Non-standard curved arm type electric lifting platform: lifting equipment used for high-altitude operations, which can cross obstacles for high-altitude operations. When the channel is raised and lowered to any position, it can work while walking. It has a compact structure and sensitive steering. The width of the site can be adjusted. Ensure that the equipment enters narrow passages and crowded work areas. The backup power unit can be operated to reset the operation channel, and the convenient transportation method can be towed to any place. Easy-to-identify operation panel, multiple mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety maintenance, advanced integrated hydraulic electrical integration system. The above is the introduction of the relevant materials about the mobile electric lithium pallet truck platform. I hope to help you who are interested in it. I hope you understand the characteristics of the equipment and combine the actual conditions to buy your favorite products.
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