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What are the types of special oil products for forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-01
The efficient operation of forklifts is inseparable from good lubrication, and various special lubricants play a vital role. Types of special oil for forklifts: Chain spray: Mainly used for cleaning and lubricating the gantry chain. Brake fluid: Mainly used for the brake system and the main oil for hydraulic brakes. Antifreeze: Mainly used for the engine cooling system to prevent The engine cannot run normally in winter. Oil: Mainly used for the lubrication of the engine to ensure the efficient operation of the engine. Heavy grease: Mainly used for the lubrication of the bearing parts of the vehicle, also known as: Butter Transmission oil: Mainly used for automatic transmission gear oil: Mainly used for drive axles , Gearbox hydraulic oil: mainly used in hydraulic systems, including lifting hydraulic systems and tilt hydraulic systems.
What will happen to the forklift?
When the vehicle is driving in a straight line, the steering wheel is fluttering (swinging) or the vehicle is running off-track. Trouble phenomenon: When the vehicle is driving in a straight line (the left and right steering oil circuits have no oil flow, the steering cylinder is in the center), the steering wheel will flutter, or the car is difficult to maintain In the forward direction, always run sideways. Reasons for the malfunction of each component when the forklift is driving straight: 1. The positioning spring between the spool of the steering valve and the valve sleeve in the steering gear is damaged or too soft, and it is difficult to overcome the resistance of the steering gear when the steering gear is reversely driven, so that the valve sleeve cannot automatically return to neutral. position. 2. The movement of the slide valve is blocked due to the dirty hydraulic oil. 3. The steering axle cylinder is not in the middle position because the forklift's neutral position is not adjusted well, or the slide valve is not in the middle position due to the offset of the spool valve and the valve body step position. 4. The flow control valve is jammed to cause excessive flow of the hydraulic pump, unreasonable arrangement of oil pressure pipelines, or leakage of one side of the two-way overload valve or two-way charge valve, resulting in excessive throttling loss of the hydraulic system, causing the left cavity of the hydraulic cylinder to or Excessive pressure in the right cavity. 5. Other causes of this failure may be loose steering linkage, air in the oil, improper positioning of the front wheels, discrepancies between tires, or uneven adjustment of the brakes of the two front wheels. Diagnosis and troubleshooting: First, check whether the hydraulic oil is dirty. If a new car or a vehicle after an overhaul is not carried out carefully, the oil will often be too dirty. For vehicles that have been used for a long time, it may be caused by the failure of the flow control valve or the reaction spring of the overflow valve. You can turn the steering wheel without starting the engine and judge whether the spool valve opens freely by the feeling of your hand. If the slide valve cannot be opened easily, it should be disassembled and inspected. If the spool valve of the steering cylinder is not in the middle position, the middle position of the forklift needs to be reset to keep the lithium pallet truck tires straight ahead. If it is caused by a loose connection or a difference in tire positioning and model air pressure, it is necessary to tighten the steering connection mechanism and check each tire type or reinstall and position the front and rear tires. If the deviation is caused by uneven braking, the brakes should be corrected and adjusted. Snake-shaped vehicle Symptom: When the steering wheel of the vehicle is turned on or not moving, the vehicle moves in a serpentine shape (S-shape). Causes of failure: 1. There is air in the oil, and the pump suction pipe and joints leaked to cause cavitation; 2. The suction pipe was partially contracted or bent to cause poor oil flow; 3. The oil tank level was low; 4. The cylinder pin The rod is loose or the rod is bent; 5. Leakage in the oil cylinder or leakage of the two-way overload valve and the two-way fill valve. Diagnosis and troubleshooting: This phenomenon is mostly caused by the oil system leaking into the air. Refer to the above failure phenomena for diagnosis. If each joint or hydraulic equipment leaks, seal the remedy or replace the equipment. If the fuel tank is short of fuel, refuel to a reasonable height. If the tubing is partially contracted or bent, the trend of tubing should be re-planned or replaced. If the hydraulic components are loose or damaged, they should be tightened or replaced to eliminate the fault and keep the vehicle straight.
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