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What aspects can be considered when purchasing a stacker electric pallet truck?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-05-20

The four-wheel electric pallet truck can be considered from four aspects:
1. The weight of the goods
Four-wheeled electric pallet trucks have different tonnages, ranging from 1 ton to 3.5 tons. Wait. When choosing a stacker electric pallet truck, users should first know the weight of the goods they want to carry, and then choose a four-wheel electric pallet truck accordingly. An analogy: if your cargo weighs 2.0 tons, then you can’t use a 1.6 or 1.8-ton stacker electric pallet truck; buying a 3-ton electric pallet truck is a waste, after all, a 3-ton four-wheeled electric pallet truck It is quite different from the price of a 2-ton stacking electric pallet truck.

2. Shelf height
In order to standardize management and save land, most users will use shelves to place raw materials, which involves four-wheel electric The problem of the lifting height of the pallet jack. The maximum height of the forks of the stacker electric pallet truck must be able to meet the unloading and shoveling on the shelves. However, some people have different standards when it comes to calculating the electric pallet lift truck height of the fork electric pallet lift truck of a four-wheeled electric pallet truck. Some people calculate the lifting height of the fork from the upper surface of the fork of the electric pallet truck, and some people calculate the lifting height of the fork from the lower surface of the fork of the four-wheel electric pallet truck. In this way, it is very likely that the purchased four-wheeled electric pallet truck cannot be used because the rack height does not match the lifting height of the stacker electric pallet truck. Of course, if there are no shelves, and the raw materials are placed on the ground, there is no need to consider this issue.

3. Right-angle stacking aisle width
Simply put, that is, the safety of stacking electric pallet trucks that can turn 90 degrees in the aisle Aisle width. The placement of most warehouse shelves is carefully calculated, placing as many shelves as possible in a limited space and placing more goods. This involves the problem of four-wheeled electric pallet trucks turning at right angles between the shelves. The right-angle stacking channel width of the electric pallet truck is calculated from the vehicle design parameters: right-angle stacking channel width u003d turning radius + front overhang + length of fork/pallet + safety gap (safety gap is left 20cm before and after about). For these parameters, the user does not need to be too serious, each four-wheel electric pallet truck will provide its own right-angle stacking channel width, as long as the user knows that the width between their shelves is smaller than the right-angle stacking channel of the stacking electric pallet truck width can be used.

4. Tray size
This is especially important for users who already use a lot of trays. The specifications of the pallet will also affect the selection of the four-wheeled electric pallet truck. For different pallets, the corresponding stacking electric pallet truck should be used. For example, with a pallet of 1200*1000mm (length*width), you should choose a four-wheeled electric pallet truck with a load center of 600mm corresponding to the tonnage. Otherwise, it would be a pity to eliminate a large number of pallets because of a stacking electric pallet truck. .
When purchasing a four-wheeled electric pallet truck, there are other things that we need to pay attention to, such as the height of the warehouse door and the height of the container should be higher than the height of the stacking electric pallet truck; Users who work in three shifts should also consider whether to install additional batteries when purchasing a four-wheeled electric pallet truck; after the goods are lifted to a certain height, the rated load loss of the electric pallet truck is the problem of load loss, that is, the load curve ;Special industries, such as cold storage with very low temperature, have higher requirements for four-wheeled electric pallet trucks; if the truck is to work on the floor, it must be considered how much weight the floor can bear per square; also need to be considered A road surface problem, the customer's road surface is uneven, slopes, and the wear and tear of the wheels and motors of the stacker electric pallet trucks are very large.

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