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What can electric hydraulic trucks do in cold storage

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-01

Quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen steaks, quick-frozen dumplings and other quick-frozen products bring convenience to people's diet and life. The quick-frozen food purchased home is usually placed in the refrigerator. As a result, the development of my country's cold chain logistics industry has been driven. In order to speed up the transportation of quick-frozen food, warehouse managers have purchased a large number of electric hydraulic trucks for handling.

What can the truck do in the cold storage? It can transport food in boxes. Usually, food manufacturers put the finished food into packaging bags, then stack them into boxes, and then put the boxes on wooden pallets. Above, at this time, the forks of the truck are put into the tray, and multiple boxes of food can be easily transported to the outside of the cold storage, and the food boxes outside the warehouse can also be transported into the cold storage.

In the process of driving the electric pallet truck, it is necessary to completely seal the driving and hydraulic system of the truck to prevent the truck from dripping due to the influence of the high temperature outside after driving out of the cold storage, and it can also avoid entering After the cold storage, the temperature is too low and frostbite failure occurs.

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