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What do aerial work trucks do in real life

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-19
Aerial work platforms are widely used in shipbuilding, construction, municipal engineering, electricity, communications, gardens, advertising, venues, airports, ports and various large industrial and mining enterprises, which can fully meet the needs of different customers. The planning and selection of the multi-stage folding arm combination method is sensitive and convenient; the use of adaptive lifting equipment and two-wheel drive equipment has outstanding stability and off-road functions. The working channel can perform 160°; horizontal swing, so that it can cross certain obstacles and perform multi-point operations in one lift, and can enter places that are difficult to reach with traditional equipment. Aerial work platforms have advantages over traditional scaffolding. Now foreign shopping malls have long used high-altitude operating vehicles and lifting channels for high-altitude operations. Compared with domestic shopping malls, they are gradually rising. In 2011, foreign-funded enterprise high-altitude operating vehicles were in my country's shopping malls. The capacity has exceeded RMB 1 billion. So what are the characteristics of the high-altitude vehicle? 1. Wide scale of operation: The characteristics of traditional scaffolding require manual construction of scaffolding. Generally speaking, the scale of operation can only be carried out within the scale of the established scaffolding, and it is generally used in places where it is not accessible. Can't work. High-altitude work platforms are generally rotatable, free to move, and feature fast lifting points. 2. High safety factor: any high-altitude operation has certain dangers, and safety is the primary prerequisite for high-altitude operations. The aerial platform stacker has guardrails, skewed maintenance, and anti-pinch maintenance measures, which are incomparable with traditional scaffolding. 3. Advanced skills: adaptive floating equipment, fault self-diagnosis skills, anti-collision induction equipment, hydraulic active leveling The system is equipped for general high-altitude vehicles, and the skills of aerial work platforms at home and abroad are becoming more and more mature. 4. Reliable and high-functioning: The engine, key hydraulic components, and electrical components are all selected international brands, and the planning is in line with EN280, AS1418.10, GB25849 specifications. 5. Rental More suitable: The cost of renting traditional scaffolding is much cheaper than that of high-altitude vehicles. Generally, the rent of high-altitude vehicles varies according to the height and the distance of the rental place. The cheap one is 300 yuan a day, and the expensive one can reach 3000-6000 yuan a day. The labor cost of traditional scaffolding is much higher than that of high-altitude vehicles. Take the city as an example. Mobile scaffolding generally requires two labor. Large scaffolding may require more labor. The labor cost is 200 yuan a day, and the labor for two people is required. 400 yuan, large scaffolding may require more 6. Reach the height that traditional scaffolding does not have: general scaffolding is not built at a high height, mainly due to its safety function, and the development of skills at home and abroad follows the development of high-altitude vehicles. It is very simple to reach more than 40 meters, but traditional scaffolding cannot be achieved
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