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What documents need to be provided for electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-26
Certificates that need to be provided when the electric pallet truck is registered:   1, special equipment manufacturing license.  In the field of special equipment, if the manufacturing, using, and testing units fail to obtain TS certification within the prescribed time limit, the state does not allow them to engage in economic activities in the related fields of special equipment.  2, type test report.

  The type inspection result judgment document issued by the type inspection agency, which proves that the product quality meets the requirements of the product standard, and the sampling inspection of the product is qualified.

  3, vehicle certificate.   The original of the electric pallet truck usage certificate (product quality certificate), which should contain the type of equipment, the grade number of the special license, the equipment code, the model specification and other relevant certificate information, as well as all the information in the technical product parameter table. Tips for electric forklift manufacturers: pay attention to the manufacturer's information on the nameplate of the vehicle when purchasing. It must be consistent with the manufacturer that provides the license. The special equipment manufacturing license is generally not available for small manufacturers. When choosing to buy an electric stacker, choose the one with complete licenses. Manufacturers, avoid being investigated and punished by relevant departments during use.
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