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What does electronic power steering mean for electromechanical pallet trucks?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-05-28

Today, many manufacturers and dealers selling electric mobile trucks advertise electric mechanical trucks, electric stackers with electronic steering systems. But many customers do not understand what an electronic steering system is. What are the advantages of an electric mobile truck with electronic steering? Below we will analyze it for you.

In the traditional electro-mechanical pallet truck, after the electric mobile pallet truck is started, two hands act on the control handle, and the force drives the steering wheel through the chain to turn the electro-mechanical pallet truck. Pure machinery is more laborious when turning, and it is also very difficult for electric mobile trucks to walk and turn when the goods are full. In addition, when the electric-mechanical pallet truck travels on a relatively uneven road surface, the vibration of the steering wheel of the electric mobile pallet truck will be transmitted to the control handle, resulting in a 'thumping' phenomenon, which makes the handle a little difficult to control.

When an electromechanical pallet truck equipped with an Electronic Steering System (EPS) steers, the steering actuator automatically 'feels' the torque of the handle and the direction of the turn and sends it to the Steering system controller for electric mobile trucks. The steering system controller outputs operation instructions according to the driving torque, rotation direction, etc., and the steering motor issues operation instructions, so that the motor of the electric mechanical truck can output the corresponding torque according to the specific needs, so that the steering can be easily completed. . When using a pallet truck with an electronic steering system, the manpower required for steering is one-fifth of the mechanical steering of the original electric mobile pallet truck, which can save a lot of manpower intensity and only need one hour when operating the electric mechanical pallet truck. It is easy to complete the work by operating it with one finger, allowing us to truly save effort and improve work efficiency when operating the electric mobile truck.

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