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What does the full free lifting mast in electric forklifts and electric stackers mean?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-18
As a salesperson of electric forklifts and electric stackers, I often hear that a certain customer needs 'full freedom to upgrade' in order to meet their needs. So what is full-free ascension? Many people who have never been in contact may not know what is going on, and they may also be reminiscent of 'free fall' in physics. So what is the relationship between full free lift and free fall? The following electric pallet truck will solve this problem for everyone.  Full free promotion, as the name suggests, is to be free when promoting, without sloppy. Anyone who has seen a forklift must know that the lifting mechanism of a forklift is mainly composed of hydraulic cylinders, masts, chains, and forks. The lifting principle is that the hydraulic cylinder lifts and drives the chain, and then the chain pulls the fork of the fork to move up and down within the prescribed track of the mast. Ordinary forklifts have a mast above the second level, that is to say, when the fork is lifted, the mast system of the whole truck will also be raised accordingly. Calculated according to the structure of the secondary gantry, under normal circumstances, for every 1 meter of fork lift, the gantry must be raised by 2 meters; in short, the height of the gantry lift in the secondary gantry is the lift height of the fork. Half of it. There is no problem with this kind of device in an environment where it is used 'without ceilingThis traditional door frame design has certain drawbacks. For example, when working indoors, it is likely to pierce the ceiling; or when working inside a container, the height limit is more obvious. As long as it is raised a little bit, it will top the container. The top part can't move anymore. Therefore, in this limited model, people invented the 'full freedom promotion'.  Full-free lifting means that when the mast of the whole vehicle does not move, the fork is lifted to lift heavy objects. The advantage of this design is that it is convenient to work in some short spaces.
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