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What factors will affect the safety of aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-28
Aerial work platforms are widely used in high-altitude operations. Its safety is directly related to the safety of high-altitude workers. At present, most manufacturers in our country have simplified product planning, greatly reducing the safety factor of mobile elevators, thereby reducing capital costs. The wishbone bushings of the original aerial work platforms are made of seamless steel pipes. The bushings have poor wear resistance and short life span, which severely affects the safety function and service life of the lifting channel. The length of the straight arm sleeve is twice that of the movable lifting channel with wear-resistant sleeve. However, because of the high cost of wearable sleeves, most hoisting channel manufacturers use wearable sleeves on large-tonnage channels. The axle pins of aerial work platforms are mainly made by round steel workers. Without heat treatment, the hardness of the shaft pin cannot meet the requirements, and the wear resistance and strength are poor. The use of mobile lifting channels eliminates the need for heat treatment of the shaft pin, and the shaft pin has a short service life. Assuming that the difference between the strength of the shaft pin and the planning requirements increases, the shaft pin is simply cracked, which severely affects the safety of MOBI. LE elevator. When the elevator was closed, the power was intercepted. If there is no emergency stop, the elevator cannot stop when the limit switch fails or the main contact of the contactor cannot be disconnected. The results are very severe, directly threatening the staff on the mobile channel. This is safe. Emergency shutdown is a necessary safety protection equipment for mobile aerial work platforms, but many illegal manufacturers have already saved emergency shutdown protection equipment. Some manufacturers have an emergency shutdown button but do not control the main power contactor. When the main contact of the power contactor is installed on the main contact of the motor, only the emergency stop button can be used. Control the power of the motor. When you are alive, the pressing stop button does not work at all. We cannot cut off the power supply or control the aerial platform stacker. The basic material of the mobile lifting channel is the metal structure. The role of steel directly affects the strength and stability of the metal structure of the lifting channel. In order to reduce costs, many elevator manufacturers in my country have purchased non-standard steel that is lower than the national standard. Because steel cannot meet the strength planning requirements, non-standard steel poses a risk to the safety of mobile hoisting channels. If the deflection of the lifting channel is too large and the stability is poor, the accuracy of adding and installing components is an important factor affecting the stability and deflection of the lifting channel. If the processing precision of the equipment parts and the equipment precision are low, if the connectors are used, the stability of the lifting channel will decrease. The lifting channel is easy to flip, risking the safety of personnel.
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