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What is a household electric lifting platform?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-08
The household electric lithium pallet truck platform is a scissor-type high-altitude lifting platform, which is suitable for 1-16m high-altitude operations. It is divided into two types according to the needs of users. One is manual walking, the other is fully electric walking, and the second is There is a simple manual type with a maximum lifting height of 1.5 meters and an additional load of 1 ton. The editor briefly introduces these kinds of household electric lifting platforms: household hand-push walking electric lifting platforms, also known as scissor mobile lifting platforms, are a kind of high-altitude operations used for high-altitude installation, cleaning, repair and other purposes. Simple, beautiful and atmospheric. The lifting structure adopts the scissor fork method, and the lifting material is high-strength manganese steel, which makes the load-bearing ability stronger, more stable during lifting, and the channel scale is larger, and its lifting height is between 1-16 meters. Household electric walking lifting platform, also known as self-propelled scissor type mobile lithium pallet truck platform, its lifting structure is basically the same as that of household hand-pushing, except that a driving wheel and a disc brake system are added to the bottom. The biggest difference in function is that the channel can be extended horizontally, which can meet the special requirements of some users, and its lifting height is between 1-14 meters. Household hand-push/electric lifting platform trucks can be raised and lowered in two ways, pedaling and electric. Because of their light size and convenient movement, they are widely used in warehouses, libraries, supermarkets, and cleaning and repairing about 2.5 meters. The structure is stable, with brakes, superior performance, long service life, and generally no problems, and its lifting height is between 1-1.5 meters.
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