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What is the application of high-altitude operation elevator in external wall insulation construction

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-07
With the continuous emergence of high-rise building structures, aerial work lifts have also been widely used in engineering construction and have become the most widely used type of high-rise building structure. They are one of the most popular types of high-rise building structures through channels. Kind of equipment. Throughout the development of society in recent decades, high-altitude operations have gradually developed in the direction of a large scale, improving construction safety and understanding, making all links in the production continue to be professional and refined. In the current external wall insulation construction, the main construction methods and methods are as follows: 1. The use of high-altitude lifts in the external wall construction followed the rapid development of the construction engineering profession in my country at that time, and various high-rise buildings continued to emerge. High-altitude operation channels were widely used in the construction of low-rise buildings at that time, because the construction requirements were reasonable during the construction process, and the classification of the channels was strict, and they could be used in long-term engineering construction. It is in the process of construction. 2. The use of mast-type aerial work lifts in the construction of external wall insulation. The mast-type lifting channels that have emerged in recent years have provided more choices for external wall insulation board devices. This type of equipment is divided into single-mast lifting There are two kinds of channels and double mast lifting channels. The double-mast lifting channel system is equipped with a standard mast base on the ground in advance, and a mast is installed on the base, and the channel climbs along the mast. Workers are working on the channel, and each time the channel rises to a certain height, the mast is connected to a certain height.
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