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What is the cause of oil leakage when the gear pump of an electric forklift is working?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-07
The oil leakage of the pump turns a large amount of hydraulic energy into heat energy, which promotes the increase of oil temperature and the deterioration of working conditions. The electric lithium pallet truck oil leakage of gear pumps can be divided into two types: internal leakage and external leakage. Internal leakage reduces the output flow of the pump and does not increase the pressure. In addition to the above drawbacks, external leakage also pollutes the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce internal leakage and avoid Leakage. The method to reduce the internal leakage is to properly adjust the movement gap of the pump. If the gap is too large, the internal leakage will increase; if the gap is too small, the friction will increase. Reasons for external leakage: 1) The electric pallet truck oil return holes on the front and rear pump covers are blocked, or the holes are not drilled during processing. This requires cleaning or drilling through. 2) The pump cover and the sealing ring are too loose to cause oil leakage. This can be solved by adjusting the gap. 3) The shaft seal lip is scratched by the spindle keyway or the frame spring falls off. This can be replaced or reinstalled. 4) The sealing surface of the parts is severely scratched. Re-study the sealing surface to eliminate scratches. 5) The electric lithium pallet truck inner diameter of the oil seal groove is too small or the chamfer of the groove is too small, which makes the oil seal slanted and causes oil leakage. The groove size should be checked, and the groove or chamfer should be processed according to the regulations. 6) The chamfer of the shaft is too rough or the chamfer is too small, causing the seal lip to roll up. The roughness or chamfer should be checked. When assembling, grease should be applied to the chamfer. 7) If the seal has been used for a long time at high temperature, or the seal has not good quality, or the improper assembly loses its elasticity, the seal needs to be replaced. When installing, the pump body is reversed, so that the oil outlet is connected to the unloading groove. Or it is trying to turn right, the steering is wrong, the oil seal on the shaft is broken down, causing external leakage. This is because the oil inlet of the pump is connected to the oil seal through the oil return channel. When the pump reverses, the oil inlet becomes an oil discharge port, and the pressure oil penetrates the oil seal through the oil return channel, or flushes the oil seal out of the pump body to form an external leak. This electric lithium pallet truck should correct the direction of the piano and replace the new oil seal.
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