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What is the cause of the brake problem of the electric forklift?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-30

The brakes of electric forklifts are electromagnetic brakes. If there is a problem, electric pallet truck manufacturers can judge the following points:

1. The brake system leaks 2. The brake shoe clearance is not adjusted properly. 3. The brake is overheated. 4 , The brake drum is in poor contact with the friction lining. 5. Impurities are attached to the friction lining. 6. The impurities are mixed into the brake fluid. 7. The brake pedal (micro valve) is improperly adjusted.
How to replenish the battery fluid of the electric forklift?

In the normal care of electric forklifts, its battery fluid needs to be replenished regularly. This is the only way to ensure the normal and stable employment of the forklift. How to replenish the battery fluid of the electric forklift? Here is a brief understanding.

Steps for replenishing the battery fluid of an electric forklift:

1. Replenishment must be carried out within 1-2 hours after the battery is fully charged, so that the normal replenishment effect can be achieved;

2. After the battery is used, measure the liquid level to ensure that the battery plate is not exposed during the last charge and discharge cycle;

3. After the forklift is refilled, the liquid level should be higher than splash proof The board is 5-10mm, should be based on the splash-proof board, and the water level should not be too high;

4. After several charging and discharging cycles, when the battery liquid is charged to the point where it cannot be recharged, measure the specific gravity of the battery liquid. If the specific gravity is too low or the specific gravity of each unit battery is not uniform, sulfuric acid should be added.

The above are the steps for replenishing the battery fluid of electric forklifts. When implementing electric forklift replenishment, everyone should follow the above steps to ensure that the electric forklift will not have related problems. This is the case for electric forklifts. It is extremely important for normal operation.

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