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What is the difference between the maintenance of the hydraulic high-altitude lifting platform in winter and summer

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-21
The overall maintenance guidelines for hydraulic high-altitude lifting platforms are carried out in accordance with the instructions of the lifting channels themselves. For hydraulic high-altitude lifting platforms of different scales and production processes, the instructions for use and maintenance and protection instructions are definitely different. In addition, we must Pay attention to the special maintenance methods and precautions brought by the change of climate to the lifting channels. Winter and summer maintenance guidelines are different, methods and methods are also different, which mainly depends on the selection of raw materials and hydraulic oil for the hydraulic high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform. First of all, the matters that should be paid attention to in the selection of raw materials. Regarding the hydraulic high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform accustomed to cold weather, we should add the hardness of the steel appropriately, and the expansion coefficient is not easy to change too much. This is the first issue to be considered before selecting the production of hydraulic high-altitude lifting channels. Regarding the hydraulic lifting channels used in the north, it will be about 30 degrees below zero in some cold seasons, and about 30 degrees above zero in summer, with a temperature difference of 60 degrees. Such a large change in temperature difference, if the raw material selection is not good, it will be hydraulically lifted at high altitude. The use of the platform brings severe security issues, which is a problem worthy of attention for designers. Secondly, the hydraulic oil of the lifting channel should be replaced in time according to the change of time. Different hydraulic oils are used in different seasons. This is the first rule that any equipment should follow. We can't add use and maintenance obstacles artificially. There is no antifreeze for hydraulic oil in summer, and antifreeze is necessary for hydraulic oil in winter. This is the basic common sense in the use of hydraulic oil. According to different places, there may be more stringent requirements for hydraulic oil and special raw materials. Requirements, these should be taken into account in the design of the hydraulic high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform, tailor-made, down-to-earth processing and production. In the end, we must clean the hydraulic cylinder in time, especially whether the hydraulic cylinder is leaking oil, whether the various connecting parts are operating normally, these should not be ignored in the process of use, and they are also the problems and matters that we often pay attention to in the use of hydraulic high-altitude lifting platforms. .
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