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What is the hazard of excessive oil temperature in manual pallet trucks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-12
The manual hydraulic pallet truck is a lifting equipment driven by manpower, which is very convenient to use and is commonly known as the 'earth cow'. Under the condition of long-term use, the oil temperature is too high, which will cause great damage. 1. The hydraulic oil temperature is high and the viscosity of the hydraulic oil decreases, which reduces the volume power of the hydraulic system and the working power of the hydraulic system. , The amount of leakage will increase, and even make the equipment unable to operate normally. 2. The hydraulic components expand due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, making the gap of the sliding pair smaller, resulting in increased friction resistance, and the hydraulic valve simply jams. At the same time, the hydraulic oil film becomes thinner and the mechanical wear increases. It simply constitutes a pump, Valves, motors, etc. due to wear caused by surface fit, make it invalid or scrapped. 3. Simple aging of rubber seals, shortening the life span, failing to provide a sealing effect, and causing severe leakage in the hydraulic system. 4. Water transpiration and oil vaporization simply cause cavitation on the working surface; oil oxidation forms particle sediments, which will block many saving holes in the filter and hydraulic system, and even make the hydraulic system unable to operate. Excessive temperature of the hydraulic oil will affect the components of the entire hydraulic system, shorten its life span, or even make it impossible to operate, causing the manual hydraulic pallet truck to be paralyzed.
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