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What is the impact of the hot summer temperature on the electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-20
The hot summer is about to pass, but the continued high temperature has not yet gone down. Working in the hot sun will cause serious consumption of electric pallet truck trucks. So, what impact does the summer heat have on the electric stacker? The editor will take you to understand: 1. The influence of heat dissipation. Under the influence of high temperature, the engine temperature is likely to be too high, and the heat dissipation function becomes worse, which makes its economy and power performance worse. 2. Workers' influence The operation of workers is affected due to the high temperature and mosquito feeding. 3. Liquid tires affect the equipment restriction due to the expansion and deformation of the leather bowl, and simply cause the water tank to 'boil4. The safety impact is not conducive to the safety of work, and there are simple signs of fatigue and heat stroke during work. Affect the safety of equipment, personnel, and goods. 5. The road surface affects the high temperature. The ground temperature is too high and the adhesion of the electric stacker is reduced. In addition, there are more thunderstorms in summer, and all the water in the loading and unloading yard is simple and slippery. 6. The wear of equipment will increase when the load is large. In the case of high temperature and high humidity, the lubricating oil (grease) in various parts is easy to thin and the lubricating function is reduced. Electric stackers have brought great convenience to the operations of many units. Therefore, daily protection is very important. Proper protection can not only extend the service life, reduce the cost of protection and maintenance, but also greatly prevent the delay of the company's construction period.
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