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What is the purpose of self-propelled aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-27
The single-pillar aerial work platform is suitable for single-person climbing operations. A single set of high-strength aluminum alloy masts are lifted and lowered. The whole machine is light in weight, good in maneuverability, and compact in structure. It can enter the car and narrow passages of ordinary elevators, and special mast rooms. The guide rail equipment, the lifting is stable and free, and the two-layer maintenance leg structure makes the high-altitude operation safer and can be lifted close to the working surface. Can be equipped with accessories: auxiliary equipment for portal straddle and steps. Power supply: single communication, DC or AC and DC dual purpose. The double-mast aerial platform stacker is suitable for not surpassing two people to work together. It has good load-bearing ability. The two masts support the operation channel to move up and down simultaneously. The whole lifting guardrail equipment has good strength and is convenient for loading and unloading. The operation channel passes through once The installation or disassembly can be completed by lifting, and it has the same convenience and flexibility as a single mast. The structure of the outrigger is the same as that of a single-column aerial work platform. The four groups of masts support the operation channel to rise and fall together, which has excellent operation stability. The guardrail structure is the same as the double-pillar channel. The channel can be made into a horizontal extension or a rotating type or a horizontal extension + rotating type to overcome obstacles on the ground. The mobile is equipped with electric auxiliary drive equipment, and the traveling wheels can be equipped with oil-resistant rubber wheels according to customer requirements. Power supply: Single-phase communication channel can be extended horizontally, walking form: electric assist, manpower, channel rotation, rotation viewpoint scale: 180, 350 arbitrary viewpoint.
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