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What is the reason for the abnormal water temperature of modern electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-05
Modern electric forklifts are commonly used in people's lives, especially in the machinery industry, with many uses. In daily life, due to careless maintenance, some minor problems occur. For example, the cause and solution of abnormal water temperature The solution, the following editor will take everyone to understand.   First of all, radiators, thermostats, and fans are the main reasons for the abnormal water temperature of modern forklifts. The solutions are as follows.   1. The role of the radiator. A radiator of the forklift is placed in the vehicle. A tail function. Because the forklift's chassis is low, and the working environment in the factory is also poor, some debris and dust are easy to accumulate on the surface of the radiator. If it is not cleaned in time If it is, it will seriously affect the effect of heat dissipation.   2, an inspection of the thermostat. At present, the thermostat used on the engine is mainly a wax-type thermostat. It's The main performance is often the index is that the thermostat should have a different lift effect at a different water temperature. Thus, a high and low content of the cooling water temperature is dynamically controlled. For a non-disintegrated cooling system, check the thermostat The quality of the radiator is mainly judged by the temperature difference between the water inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe of the radiator. During a period of time before the engine cold start, the water inlet and outlet pipes are all touched by hand, and there should be a significant temperature difference It works. After working for a period of time, the temperature difference is often significantly reduced.   3, the role of the cooling fan. Generally, a thin paper can be placed in front of the radiator to detect the air volume of the fan, but when the engine During operation, if the paper can be blown away, it means that the air volume is sufficient. This is different from the inward suction of the front-engine car fan.
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