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What is the role of the explosion-proof valve of the elevator

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-11
There are many types of elevators. Our company mainly manufactures hydraulic lifting platforms. Because of the need for hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic tubing, these two parts are vulnerable parts, especially the hydraulic tubing must be replaced every three years. Prevent the rupture of the hydraulic tubing. Once the tubing ruptures, the platform will lose power and drop rapidly. If the platform is not loaded with cargo, of course, it will not cause any serious consequences. If the platform is loaded with cargo and people, once the platform drops rapidly, it will lose some property, but it will endanger human life. In order to solve this problem, our company installed an explosion-proof valve on the elevator. The function of this thing is that when the oil management pipe bursts, it will automatically block the inlet of the valve body to prevent the platform from falling. Let's talk about the structural principle of the explosion-proof valve. . Explosion-proof valves are often used in heavy-duty hydraulic lifting platforms. They are composed of a valve body, a compression spring, a sliding valve and a retaining ring. The cavity of the valve body is equipped with a compression spring. The compression spring is connected to a sliding valve that can slide in the cavity. The position is limited by the retaining ring embedded in the valve body, the top of the slide valve is provided with a through hole, the bottom of the slide valve is a plug, and the cavity is connected with the inlet and outlet of the valve body. An anti-cracking valve is installed close to the oil cylinder near the oil port (the oil port is also made). When the hydraulic pipeline is broken, the plug seals the inlet of the valve body and cuts off the oil flow from the oil cylinder to prevent the oil pipe Sudden rupture occurred and fell out of control accident. Once the oil pipe of the elevator ruptures and causes the lifting platform to fall too fast, the anti-cracking valve is quickly closed and becomes a throttling state, so that the table of the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform is slowly lowered to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, thus playing a role of safety protection. In addition to protective measures to prevent accidents caused by oil pipe bursts, there are also many cases of sudden power outages. All equipment of the elevator is equipped with a power outage protection system. When an unexpected power outage occurs, the elevator self-protection system is automatically activated, and the elevator stays in its original position. , You can use manual, three-phase power supply or diesel engine to power up and down the lithium pallet truck platform!
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