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What kind of electric stacker is the most ideal

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-13
1. High performance and reliability. For customers, the accessories of electric stacker are the most important part. The high quality of accessories ensures the function of the whole product: 1. The communication drive system makes the electric stacker more agile, more accurate, and more stable. . 2. Communicate and drive the motor to provide stronger power. Under full load, continue to operate at high speed, with a climbing ability of more than 8% at full load, making the operation more extensive and more efficient. 3. The communication controller has reliable quality and excellent function. It has regenerative braking, reverse braking and various parameter adjustable functions, which can make the sports function of the whole vehicle reach the best conditions under different operating conditions. 4. The first-class hydraulic station, low noise, small vibration, good sealing function, active adjustment of the no-load and full-load descent speed, to ensure smooth and reliable lifting and lowering. 5. High-strength car body planning, suitable for high-strength workplaces, and long service life. 6. Choose reliable quality American AMP waterproof connectors and electrical components. All wires and cables are reliably maintained, which greatly reduces electrical faults. 2. High safety factor. All mechanical materials and equipment must make a difference in safety planning, otherwise it will be difficult to develop for a long time. There is no exception for electric stackers. Safety is the most important of the equipment: 1. On the front frame The circular arc board design improves the safety of the front frame during the ascent process and prevents the occurrence of hand-handling incidents. 2. The arc-shaped design of the rear frame ensures the passing of the car. The edge of the rear car body is highly accurately planned to prevent the operator's feet from being damaged. 3. The function of pressing reverse travel. In the process of backward travel, once the operator hits an object on the back, the operator will naturally respond by hitting the reverse button of the handle with his body, and the car immediately presses the reverse travel to prevent the operator from being damage. 4. Emergency power-off plug-in parts are standard equipment. All power supplies can be blocked by pulling out the plug-in parts, and the car will stop immediately. 5. The anti-skid braking function prevents the car from sliding down when it loses control or is running on a slope. 3. Easy to operate    The easier it is to operate the electric stacker, the more it is loved by customers and friends. Because it is easy to operate, simple and efficient, it also makes it quick to sell in the market. How easy to operate: 1. The ergonomically designed handle head is beautiful and concise, and all operating functions can be easily completed with simple buttons on the handle. 2. The ergonomically designed control handle is convenient for left and right hand operation and improves driving comfort. 3. The longer operating handle greatly reduces the steering force and makes the operation easier. 4. The steering angle of the handle is greater than 180 degrees, and the vehicle body is shorter, which makes the turning radius of the vehicle smaller and increases the sensitivity of operation. 5. Slow travel function, put the handle in a nearly straight state, the travel speed will automatically decrease, which is convenient to complete accurate operations in a narrow space.
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