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What kind of pallet does the pallet truck match with?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-09

Pallets and pallet trucks are the main means of transportation for piles and bundles of goods. Pallets are tools used to hold materials, and trucks are transport vehicles that quickly transport pallets containing materials to warehouses. Both They are indispensable, rely on each other, and work together in various large warehouses.

1. Comparing with the Sichuan-shaped flat tray

A pallet is a horizontal platform device on which goods and products can be placed as a unit load. In terms of shape, the common trays are Sichuan-shaped concave steel trays and Sichuan-shaped flat steel trays.

2. There are mainly three kinds of pallet materials that can be matched

In terms of material, there are three kinds of pallets: steel pallets, wooden pallets, and plastic pallets.

1. The steel pallet has good quality, strong bearing capacity, hard structure, and can be recycled; it also has the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof and rust-proof; it conforms to international environmental protection regulations and can be used flexibly;

2. The wooden pallets have been hardcovered, anti-slip, and wax-sealed. Although they are used a lot, the pallets made of this material are easy to breed insects due to humidity, and many trees need to be cut down to build them. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them.

3. Relatively speaking, plastic pallets have many advantages, such as deflection force and impact resistance, durability, and usability, which are very convenient for pallet trucks to enter, and will not rot or rust. Light weight, No nails and no added weight to the material, long service life and can be reused.

The use of pallet trucks and pallets not only facilitates the direct storage of goods by porters, but also greatly improves work efficiency, saves the cost of manual processing, and is more conducive to the standardized management of warehouses.

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