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What kinds of chargers are there for electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-01
The working principle of the electric forklift charger is to rectify the ordinary alternating current into a DC voltage slightly higher than that of the electric pallet truck battery, which has a point solution to the battery plate and electrolyte, and restores the discharged plate to the function of re-discharge. . To convert alternating current to direct current, in the past, an alternating current motor was used to drive a direct current generator to generate direct current for charging. However, with the development of electronic technology, the rectification method has gradually replaced the DC engine power generation of electric forklifts. The electric forklift circuit is composed of half-bridge rectification, voltage sampling, rectification and filtering and voltage stabilization, electronic protection, pulse generation, amplification and shaping, emitter bistable and automatic shutdown. 1. Control the size of the thyristor and conduction angle in the half-bridge, and adjust the charging current of the electric forklift smoothly and easily. 2. It adopts electronic protection functions such as operational amplifiers and an emitter bistable circuit composed of transistors to control the relay when it is working normally, and the rectifier thyristor can get the control pulse. When the output terminal of the electric forklift is unloaded, short-circuited, and the battery is connected reversely and fully, the emitter bistable circuit is reversed to release the relay, the unijunction transistor circuit is disconnected, and no trigger pulse is sent out, and the power circuit is turned off. 3. When the voltage of the single-cell battery of the electric pallet truck reaches 2.6V, it is considered to be fully charged, and the emitter bistable circuit is reversed to release the relay and cut off the power supply of the trigger circuit to automatically shut down the power supply. The above-mentioned electric forklift charging devices are common charging devices, and their charging currents are generally not large. According to conventional charging, the charging time is generally not long, and the fastest requires 8-10H to fully charge. If the device current is small, the charging time is longer, even above 12H. Slow charging and low efficiency are the biggest shortcomings of ordinary chargers, which limit the use of battery forklifts. For this reason, in recent decades, the use of fast charging devices to speed up the charging speed has changed the situation where the battery is used for one shift and the charging requires one shift. Using the fast charging device, when the charging capacity and various parameters of the electric forklift fast charger are reasonably matched to the charged machine, the charging time for the battery of the electric forklift is 1-3h each time, and some only need 40min, which greatly improves the charging speed of electric forklifts and increases the utilization rate. At present, fast charging technology in China has developed rapidly, but fast charging has a certain impact on the life of electric forklift batteries.
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