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What kinds of failures are prone to happen to electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-15
1. Failure to start may be caused by blown fuse, blocked control circuit, severe short circuit or open circuit in motor winding, short circuit between commutator segments, poor contact of brushes, heavy load or mechanical damage such as bearings. 2. The speed is abnormal, which may be caused by short circuit or open circuit of the winding, incorrect position of the brush and overload, damage to the bearing, low power supply voltage, etc. 3. The sparks of the brush may be caused by poor contact of the forklift brush, uneven surface of the commutator, incorrect position of the brush, dirty surface, short circuit of the commutator or short circuit of the motor winding. 4. High temperature is generated, which may be caused by overload, forklift bearings and oil seals are too tight, damaged or poorly lubricated, shaft core is not correct, armature and magnetic pole phase friction, winding short circuit, brush pressure is too large, incorrect position, poor rectification, etc. Causes. 5. There is noise, mainly caused by the damage of the bearings in the electric pallet truck parts, the uneven surface of the commutator, and the vibration or friction of the electric brush.
What does the regenerative braking function on electric forklifts mean?
Installing this on the electric forklift can not only reduce energy consumption, but also extend the limited use time of the battery. Regenerative braking, also known as feedback braking, is a braking technology used in automobiles or railway trains. Convert and store the kinetic energy of the vehicle when braking; instead of turning it into useless heat. The answer of the electric pallet truck manufacturer hopes you will be satisfied!
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