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What needs to be done before choosing a forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-13
Generally speaking, the superior performance of a better forklift is often reflected in many aspects such as high efficiency, low cost, high reliability, well-designed ergonomics and convenient services. The factors affecting the selection of forklifts are roughly: operating functions, operating requirements, operating environment, key parameters, load capacity, engine brand model, electronic control brand model. So how to choose the forklift you need correctly? The following electric pallet truck manufacturers will give you some suggestions on choosing forklifts. 1. Selection of forklift types How do indoor and outdoor users choose forklifts? For indoor operations (including warehouses, workshops, etc.), in order to reduce air pollution and noise, it is generally appropriate to purchase battery forklifts; for outdoor operations, especially when the roads on the site are not very flat, it is better to use internal combustion forklifts. Among the three types of internal combustion forklifts, diesel forklifts are commonly used. If there is no special requirement, diesel forklifts are generally used. A small number of northern users took into account the low temperature in winter and the difficulty of starting the engine. They chose gasoline forklifts to facilitate engine starting. However, with the use of direct injection diesel engines on forklifts, the problem of difficult engine starting in winter has been solved. Therefore, gasoline forklifts are in Sales in the domestic forklift market will decrease. In addition, with the country's restrictions on polite pollution, environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, and the number of users who choose LPG forklifts for outdoor operations is also increasing, and it will become a development trend. 2. Selection of transmission mode Among the three transmission modes of internal combustion forklifts, the most popular domestic users are mechanical transmission forklifts and hydraulic transmission forklifts. Due to the high price, high maintenance requirements of hydrostatic transmission forklifts, troubleshooting is difficult, and maintenance costs are high. For high-level reasons, general users do not choose it. Generally, when the work is not continuous and the daily working time is not long (within 5h), the mechanical drive forklift can meet the requirements of use. For continuous work, frequent work, heavy load, and 2-shift and 3-shift manufacturing, in order to improve work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of forklift drivers, it is generally better to use hydraulic drive forklifts. With the improvement of the reliability of hydraulic transmission forklifts, due to its advantages such as stepless speed change, labor-saving and convenient operation, and high work efficiency, the number of users who choose hydraulic forklifts will increase. 3. The choice of forklift power. At present, some major domestic forklift companies, in order to meet the different needs of users, are equipped with a variety of domestic and imported engines for users to choose from. These engines are not only domestic and imported. , There are differences in the size of the engine power. For general users, forklifts with domestically-made engines can be used. The price is relatively cheap and maintenance services are more convenient. For users with heavy work and long working hours, imported engines can be used to reduce the failure rate and improve its reliability. For users with particularly heavy working conditions and harsh working environment, it is recommended to use high-power imported engines. 4. Selection of battery forklifts Battery forklifts are mainly used for indoor operations. Generally, counterbalanced battery forklifts are used, including three pivots and four pivots. For users with narrow aisles, stacking and forklifting goods above the shelves, or users who need to enter the elevator to work on the upper floors, they can choose front-moving battery forklifts or battery pallet stackers. 5. Forklift lifting quality and lifting height selection The rated lifting quality of each forklift refers to the center of gravity of the goods within the standard load center distance of the forklift, the forklift mast is vertical, and the forklift is lifted to the standard lifting height of the forklift (my country's standard lifting The quality of the goods that can be lifted when the height is specified as 3000mm. Therefore, when selecting the tonnage of the forklift, the user should compare the center of gravity of the loaded and unloaded cargo with the standard load center of the forklift. If the center of gravity of the cargo is equal to or less than the standard load center distance of the forklift, the selected forklift's rated lifting mass is equal to or approximately greater than the cargo. Quality is fine. If the center of gravity of the goods is greater than the standard load center distance of the forklift, the tonnage of the forklift should be determined according to the forklift load curve provided by the forklift catalog.
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