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What protection needs to be done for aerial work platforms in summer

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-23
Facing the high temperature and dry season in summer, many aerial work platforms in the field require testing. So, what about maintenance of aerial work platforms during the hot season? 1. The appearance of waxing In summer, the appearance of the car body paint on the aerial work platform will accelerate the aging, fading and even under the fiery sun. Therefore, car owners should perform outstanding maintenance on the paint surface in summer to avoid oxidation of the paint surface. The car owner first needs to wash the car and clean, investigate whether the paint is cloudy and have obvious scratches, if necessary, conflict with the paint by hand to see if it is smooth. Generally speaking, problems such as overturning and fine scraping of the paint surface can be ground and polished with abrasive paper, as well as the entire car wax, glaze, coating, etc. Especially after the car is polished, it is like having an invisible cloak on the body, no longer afraid of the corrosion of ultraviolet rays, acid, sand and wind. 2. Personnel safety. Workers in operation need to be in a comfortable environment under high temperature, and use a sober mind to operate the aerial platform stacker, and then a series of man-made things can be avoided; a lot of rainwater and equipment water A in summer can be treated in time. accumulation. 3. Engine cooling The engine is the center of the aerial work platform. In summer, the engine is used for a long time and the engine is overheated. When the engine is overheated, it should be quickly identified and dealt with. 4. Tire maintenance In summer, the temperature is high, and tire pressure will continue to rise. Tire bursts often occur. Accelerating, overloading or emergency braking can cause tire bursts. Therefore, the tire pressure can be appropriately reduced, perhaps the physical properties of the tire can be charged, or the expansion of helium gas can be reduced, or the gas release method can be used to reduce the pressure and pressure, although this method is not conducive to long-term development. But safety and continuous operation are the top priority.
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