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What should I do if I encounter these types of scissor hydraulic lifting platform failures?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-21
The use of hydraulic lifting platforms is becoming more and more extensive, ranging from high-rise buildings to small families. So how should the user remove the following possible problems during use? 1. The possible causes of the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform not being able to rise: 1. The motor is reversed; 2. The unloading valve guard is closed; 3. The hydraulic oil is not clean, there are rubber fragments or other debris, which makes the check valve in the manual oil pump closed Incomplete; 4. The hydraulic oil is frozen;     cleaning method: 1. Interchange the phase wires of the power cord; 2. Close the unloading valve; 3. Filter or replace the hydraulic oil to completely clean the inside of the hydraulic system; 4. Change to anti-freeze hydraulic oil   2. The possible causes of the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform not falling: 1. The hand pump unloading valve is not fully opened; 2. The scissor fork is stuck, or there is foreign matter in the roller groove; 3. The hydraulic oil is frozen;    cleaning method: 1. Open Hand pump unloading valve; 2. Repair the stuck area and clear the foreign matter inside the roller groove; 3. Change to N32 low-condensing hydraulic oil;     3. The possible causes of lifting and creeping or hydraulic system sensation: 1. Insufficient amount of hydraulic oil, Inhale air; 2. The suction pipe is leaking;    cleaning methods: 1. Add enough hydraulic oil; 2. Repair the suction pipe;    4. Reasons for oil leakage in pipes and joints: 1. Loose joint nut; 2. O-ring seal Failure; 3. Pipeline aging and damage;    cleaning method: 1. Tighten the joint nut; 2. Replace the O-ring seal; 3. Replace the damaged pipeline;
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