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What should I do if the long-term lifting operation of the lifting platform causes gear wear?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-15
Generally speaking, the lifting platform is maintenance-free equipment, and all its components are selected maintenance-free accessories, so there is basically no need for maintenance and maintenance within one to two years of use. However, mechanical equipment will inevitably not wear out. In particular, the lithium pallet truck platform uses chains to drive up and down, and the maintenance of gears is very important. After the machine has been used for a certain period of time, be sure to check whether the gear has lost teeth or large marks of wear. Let me introduce you to the reference size of gear replacement. To what extent should I stop using it and replace it with a new one? The 25-50mm common normal micrometer can be used for measurement. When the length of the common normal of the gear is worn from 37.1mm to less than 35.1mm (2 teeth), a new gear must be replaced. When the rack is worn, measured by the tooth thickness caliper, when the chord height is 8mm, the tooth thickness is worn from 12.56mm to less than 10.6mm. The rack must be replaced. However, there are many 'old teeth' gears and rack elevators on the construction site. It is still in overdue service. For safety reasons, new parts must be replaced. The rotation of the gear drives the lithium pallet truck platform up and down. If there is a problem with the gear during use, it will cause very serious consequences. Therefore, our customers must pay attention to the maintenance of the gear.
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