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What should I do to maintain the motor of the electric stacker by myself?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-28
The maintenance of electric forklifts is actually much simpler than diesel forklifts. It can be done by yourself, and it is not as dirty as maintaining diesel trucks. The following is the maintenance method for the battery of the electric stacker motor for reference! Motor maintenance inspection and maintenance of the motor should be carried out under power failure. Check whether the connecting wire of the motor outlet is correct and firm. Check whether the commutator is clean, the brush should slide freely in the brush box. Check that all fasteners are tight. Check the wear of the brushes every three months and replace them as appropriate. Do deep maintenance of the motor once a year. Battery maintenance In order to ensure the battery life, the battery should be fully charged before being put into use, and the under-charged battery should not be used. Try to avoid overcharging and overdischarging the battery. Battery overcharge and overdischarge will seriously affect battery performance and life. The battery liquid hole plug and air cover should be kept clean, removed or opened when charging, and should be installed or closed after charging. The surface of the battery, connecting wires and screws should be kept clean and dry. After charging, check the battery liquid level and add distilled water in time to maintain the liquid level. normal...
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