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What should I pay attention to when buying a second-hand electric forklift?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-29

Consumers who buy second-hand electric forklifts are nothing more than cost savings. But as the use time of forklifts increases, its own value is constantly decreasing. There are many types of cars on the market now, with rich brands and crossover prices. Which types of cars have high value retention and high residual value? According to the analysis of professionals, the main factors affecting the residual value of old cars are summarized as follows.

1. Brand share of vehicles. Like other products, electric forklift products have a high reputation and market share, which will greatly increase their value. In China's used vehicle transactions, the value of Linde forklifts, Zhongli forklifts, and Japanese brand vehicles is higher than that of brands from other origins, and the people have a higher degree of recognition. 2. The quality and technology of the vehicle itself As a comprehensive product, the electric pallet truck has high requirements for safety, maneuverability, comfort, technology, environmental protection and energy saving. If the vehicle itself is of low quality and poor technology, the condition of the vehicle will be very poor after three to five years of use. Therefore, the “cheap” manufactured by some small manufacturers often has a low degree of value retention and serious vehicle depreciation. 3. The use of the vehicle itself is one of the most important determinants of the residual value of the vehicle itself. The price of a vehicle that is used for the same time varies greatly depending on the performance of the vehicle. If there are relatively large repair marks and accident marks on the key frame, chassis, and engine of the vehicle, the residual value of the vehicle itself will be greatly reduced. In contrast, the 'residual value loss' caused by other damage to the vehicle is much smaller. For example, the taillights are not bright, tire wear, etc., mostly have little effect on the residual value of the vehicle.

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