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What should I pay attention to when using an electric pallet truck?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-22
Many users may have never used an electric pallet before buying an electric pallet and going back, so it is easy to damage the pallet prematurely due to incorrect operation during use, so I will teach you how to use an electric pallet correctly. First of all: before the initial operation 1. During the first time the user receives the new truck, the battery can only be used to drive the truck when using the truck; 2. After the truck is transported or moved, the following inspections must be made first Only then can the forklift be put into use: ① Check whether the equipment is complete and in normal condition ② Check whether the hydraulic system is normal ③ If the forklift has not been installed with a battery, the battery needs to be installed, and be careful not to damage the battery cable. ④ Charge the battery first. ⑤ If the lithium pallet truck is parked for too long, the ground surface of the wheels may be slightly flattened. Don't panic at this time. Generally, the flattened part of the lithium pallet truck will automatically recover after a short drive. Second: How to use the lithium pallet truck during the running-in period. The forklift should be operated under low load at the initial stage of use, especially within 100h, and the following requirements should be met: ① The new battery must be prevented from over-discharging during the initial use. Generally, it should be charged in time at 20%. ② The prescribed preventive maintenance must be thorough. ③ Avoid sudden braking, driving or turning sharply. ④ Change the oil or lubricate in time as required. The limit load weight is 70~80% of the rated load.
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