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What to pay attention to when repairing forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-04
When the forklift fails, you must contact the manufacturer's service personnel or a professional forklift maintenance technician for repairs. The following principles must be observed during maintenance:   1. When performing forklift maintenance operations, wear protective shoes, caps, protective gloves, glasses and other labor protection products according to the needs of the operation;   2, when disassembling, installing, lifting, and moving lithium pallet truck parts To be familiar with the weight of the parts, correctly choose lifting and transportation equipment or tools, and place the disassembled parts in a stable place, and perform other operations after the support is stable and proper;   3, before the forklift maintenance operations, the forklift The fork frame (fork or attachment) is lowered to the lowest position. If it cannot be lowered to the lowest position, effective measures must be taken to fix the fork frame (fork or attachment) to prevent it from falling and hurting people;   4. When the maintenance personnel cannot disassemble or install parts on the ground, Ladder and platform should be used for work, and safety belt should be fastened. Climbing and climbing work are strictly prohibited. Clean the dirt, oil and residue on the ladder and platform before operation to prevent danger during operation;   5. When servicing the forklift, pay special attention to the heating components on the forklift that has just stopped, and do not accidentally touch these When disassembling components or pipelines with pressure, please pay attention to dismantling the pressure before disassembling, and use a rag to block the dismantled parts to prevent the pressured liquid from injuring people, especially A forklift that has just stopped is more dangerous;   7. During maintenance operations, you should be proficient in using high-performance tools to ensure that the forklift components are not damaged or damaged during disassembly or installation;   8. When reassembling, use the same specifications and parts No. of fasteners, do not use poor quality fasteners, and do not mix fasteners of different standards;    9. When servicing the lithium pallet truck, place the forklift on a hard and flat ground as much as possible, and support it with pads. , To prevent the forklift from moving;    10. When repairing a forklift that is not working, remove the battery and negative wire, and hang a 'no operation' sign on the cab or overhead guard;   11. When welding is required during maintenance, It must be operated by welding professionals, and a reasonable welding process shall be formulated to ensure that the welding strength is equal to the strength of the original metal;   12. During the disassembly process, do not damage the wiring. When reassembling the wiring, be careful not to be damaged by sharp corners. Or be damaged by some objects or hot surfaces, do not put the metal wire in the liquid containing acid and alkali;   13. Fuel and hydraulic oil pipeline leakage will not only pollute the environment, but also easily cause fire. Do not bend or hit high-pressure pipelines or install damaged pipelines. When checking for leaks in the pipeline, do not use your hands to check for oil leakage. Avoid high-pressure oil jets that stab people’s eyes or skin and cause injuries. Use cardboard or other objects to determine the location of the oil leakage;   14. If the rotating parts are damaged, the forklift can no longer be operated. Any damaged or altered high-speed rotating parts should be tested for balance before reuse;   15. During maintenance operations, use the parts produced by the main engine factory or the products of the parts factory approved by the main engine factory;  16. Engine repair After that, the exhaust gas emission value of the engine should be checked, and it can be used only after being qualified;   17. Waste oil, waste brake fluid, waste electrolyte and other scrap parts should be specially recycled, stored or treated separately. In order to avoid environmental pollution, do not dispose of them at will;   18. When the forklift is installing the attachments, the professionals shall carry out it in accordance with the instructions of the attachment;   19. When the forklift is repaired, the engine must be turned off before opening the hood. 
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