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What types of lifting platforms are there?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-20
1. Scissor Fixed , Mobile , Self-propelled (DC Motor Driven , AC Motor Driven , Internal Combustion Engine Driven ), Truck,    Two, Cylinder List Body anti-rotation type, double-body anti-rotation type, tiltable three-mast aluminum alloy lifting platform Single-mast aluminum alloy lifting platform, two-mast aluminum alloy lifting platform, three-mast aluminum alloy lifting platform, four-mast aluminum alloy lifting platform Knuckle-arm type lifts Manually move knuckle-arm type lifts, internal combustion engine-driven knuckle-arm type lifts 5. Rail chain type lifting platform Single arm single span lifting platform, single arm double span lifting platform, double arm double span lifting platform
Definition of duty cycle of lifting platform
The elevators of the lifting platform on the construction site are frequently operated and the utilization rate is high, but the intermittent working system of the motor has to be considered, which is the problem of the duty cycle (sometimes called the load duration rate). Its definition is FCu003d Work cycle time/load time×100%, where the work cycle time is the load time and the shutdown time. The elevators on some construction sites are rented by leasing companies, and they always want to make full use of them. However, the temporary load rate of the motor (FCu003d40% or 25%) is completely ignored. Why doesn't the motor generate heat? Some of them are still in use even with a burnt smell, which is a very abnormal operation. If the transmission system is poorly lubricated or running resistance is too large, overloaded, or frequently started, it is even a small horse-drawn cart. Therefore, every driver on the construction site must understand the concept of duty cycle and act according to scientific laws. This kind of motor itself is designed for intermittent operation.
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